New South Wales Property Searches

Common Reports

NSW Title Search

A Title Search is a current copy of the Certificate of Title. This report provides the name/s of the current owner/s and information concerning mortgages, covenants, caveats and easements.

Common Property Title Report

Any part of a parcel that is not comprised in a lot (including any common infrastructure that is not part of a lot).

Deposited Plan

Defines the legal boundaries of land and often records subdivisions, easements and resumptions.

Development Application

A report that contains local council information about proposed developments that may impact, devalue or increase the value of the property.

Strata Plan

A subdivision of a parcel of real property land into separate lots and common property.

88B Instruments

An image that is the legal power or rules to set out the creation of easements.

Property Ownership Search

A Property Ownership search allows you to search by the owners name or a company name for a property’s title reference.

Dealings Report

A dealing is a document that affects the land and needs to be registered on the title – such as mortgages, discharges of mortgage, transfers of ownership and caveats.

IntelliVal Automated Valuation

The IntelliVal Automated Valuation is a comprehensive report that shows current and historical data about properties to assist with calculating the value of a property.
Water Reports

Sewer Diagram

Shows the private house sewer lines on a property and where they connect to the authority’s wastewater system.

Sydney Water Service Location Print

Diagram showing the pipes and structures on a property and the point of connection to the sewer system.

Hunter Water Service Location Plan

Shows the location of private house sewer service lines for properties in the Hunter Region.
Environment Reports

Bushfire Risk Report by Lotsearch

This report offers a fast and efficient way for obtaining information about the risk of bushfire to the site of interest and the surrounding area.

Contaminated Land Search by Lotsearch

This report offers a fast and efficient way for obtaining basic information extracted from the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) public registers/website.

Contaminated Land Screening Report by Lotsearch

A comprehensive Contaminated Land Screening Report includes additional data from historical sources and a bespoke assessment of the potential for contamination to affect the site.

Section 10.7 (2) Certificate

Contains information on zoning, state and regional policies along with development control plans also may include road widening and heritage areas.