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What are Company Reports?

A company report enables you to validate the identity and credibility of a business. Through the valuable information it provides, you can check a business’ history, performance, key financials, subsidiaries and owners. 

InfoTrackGO provides you with instant company search results to protect you from any issue or risk that can cause harm or financial losses on your end. 

When do you need Company Reports?

Reviewing a company report is helpful in checking the qualifications of a business. 

Whether you’re working with, for or investing in a company, the following details provided by InfoTrackGO’s company reports will enable you to make smart decisions, protect your finances and have complete peace of mind.

InfoTrackGO gives you the full picture with one quick search.

  • Company officeholders and addresses
  • Controlling and current shareholders
  • Key financials and employee numbers
  • Board and committee members
  • Beneficial owners and subsidiaries
  • Politically exposed persons and sanctions
  • Historical charges, court actions and payment default

How can you get Company Reports?

InfoTrackGO can source the company reports you need and deliver them to your email in a matter of minutes. 

Just provide the name of the company and we will handle the searching for you.

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), an independent government body, is Australia’s corporate, markets and financial services regulator. ASIC is responsible for enforcing company and financial services laws. By providing relevant reports about companies and other bodies, ASIC promotes confidence and protects consumers, investors and creditors. InfoTrackGo gives you easy access to ASIC’s Register. To help you make more informed decisions, we deliver the following ASIC company reports:
  • An ASIC Company report
  • An ASIC Company Package Report
  • An ASIC Comprehensive Company Package
  • A Company Credit Report
With InfoTrackGo, you have the ultimate company report search engine for accurate company information, so you have the clarity and security you need.

ASIC Business Search FAQs

Each tier of company report contains a differing amount of information. How detailed you wish your search results to be should determine which specific report you should purchase.

An ASIC Company Report (Company Extract) includes registered company details, directors, secretaries, shareholders, company history, twelve-month credit history, court judgements, defaults, insolvency notices and mercantile enquiries.

An ASIC Company Package Report includes all the information from the ASIC Company Report (Company Extract) plus the latest three documents lodged with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Unfortunately our ASIC searches only come in package deals, and we cannot cherry pick specific items from each package to be made available for purchase.

Only entities that are registered as either public or private companies with ASIC will have reports available for purchase. Entities such as sole traders, partnerships, and registered associations will not have reports available for them.

It can take some time before company searches are completed. Please allow up to 78 hours for a company search to be completed. If you still have not received your company report after this time, please contact our support team.

An ASIC Comprehensive Company Package includes all the information from ASIC company package plus historical company details, secured creditor details from the People Personal Property Register (PPSR), entities where the company is a shareholder, ultimate holding company or a director and foreign companies where the company is a local agent.