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Find out more about a person

Conducting a professional person search of a business owner, director, stakeholder or client equips you with all the right publicly available information you need to make well-informed decisions before working together.

InfoTrackGo delivers information like qualifications, historical positions and registered interests to help you guarantee the credibility of any business person

Director Search Reports

With InfoTrackGo, updated reports from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) are just an email away.

We give you instant access to a person’s current and historical directorships, shareholdings, disqualifications and even records of bankruptcies, so you can easily cross-check their identity and backgrounds.

To safeguard your privacy, you can also trust that InfoTrackGo doesn’t send notifications to the person you’re searching for.

Where do we get accurate reports?

Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC)

ASIC is Australia’s corporate, markets and financial services regulator.

At InfoTrackGo, we help you verify a director’s legitimacy to ensure you are partnering with the right person.

Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA)

AFSA handles the application of bankruptcy laws and the personal property securities register within Australia.

InfoTrackGo delivers reports that give you insights if a certain director has a reputation in managing failing companies or if this person is involved in any disqualification that may also expose you to risk

Person Search FAQ

An ASIC & AFSA Personal Search (also called Director’s Search) provides you with instant access to a person’s current and historical directorships, shareholdings, disqualifications and even records of bankruptcies, so you can easily cross-check their identity and backgrounds. The report is important for anyone looking to make low-risk decisions with businesses and directors.

An ASIC & AFSA personal search contains information regarding any current and historical directorships the individual has held, as well as any shareholdings, disqualifications, and bankruptcies in their name.

To conduct a person search, enter the name of the person you wish to conduct a search on into the search bar of this page [LINK] and click ‘Search’. You will be redirected to a list of people whose name match the one provided. This list can be filtered down further by clicking the ‘Filter’ button at the top of the search results.

A person search costs AU$109.95.

Yes, as an authorised Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) broker, InfoTrackgo is able to provide this search package toAustralian customers.

No, the person that you are conducting a search on will not be notified that you have conducted a search.

Typically this is due to some duplicates in ASIC/AFSA’s system. In instances such as this, we recommend purchasing a report for the name highest on the list with the most accurate information (including date of birth and location) as typically each of these repots will just be duplicates of each other.

To ensure that we provide as much detail regarding the person you have searches for, our ASIC reports may contain the information of some people that you haven’t searched for. This is normal, and the person you have conducted the search on will be included in this list.

Person searches are only available for individuals who hold any business interests in Australia, such as directorships, shareholdings, disqualifications and bankruptcies.

No, we cannot conduct person searches using an individual’s contact information such as email or phone number.

Typically, person searches are delivered within 15 minutes of ordering. However, some orders can take up to 78 hours to complete due to delays with the authorities we conduct the search with.

No, InfoTrackGo does not provide any identity verification services, but InfoTrackID does. You can find out more here