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Title Search
A title search is a current copy of the Certificate of Title. This report provides the name/s of the current owner/s and information concerning mortgages, covenants, caveats and easements.
Timeline: 5 minutes
Common Property Title Report
A common property title provides evidence regarding the ownership of a strata property. It includes the legal right to maintain control over a property investment
Timeline: 5 minutes
Deposited Plan

A deposited plan is an image returned from the state authority that defines   the size, shape, physical site features and unseen boundaries of the property.  

Timeline: 5 minutes

An 88B Instrument is a document that accompanies any new plan for registration where a property easement, right, restriction or covenant is being created (or removed).

Timeline: 5 minutes
Ownership Search (NSW, QLD, WA)
A Property Ownership search allows you to search by the owners name or a company name for a property’s title reference.
Timeline: 5 minutes
NSW Strata Plan

A strata plan, like a survey, is created by a surveyor and it documents unit sizes and structures as well as what is common and exclusive use property. It also includes any parking or lockers that are part of the unit.

Timeline: 5 minutes
Development Application Report

A DA is a formal request to the relevant local council for consent to conduct proposed development. This could include changing the use of land, subdividing land, carrying out work on a building and landscaping amongst other things

Timeline: 5 minutes
Sydney Sewer Service Diagram

A sewer service diagram shows the private wastewater pipes on a property. Sewerage service diagrams are often referred to as ‘Property sewerage diagrams’.

Timeline: 5 minutes
Survey Plan

A cadastral survey plan or a registered plan or plan image indicates the pegs in the ground that are used to mark the lot boundaries of a property in the form of bearings and distances, as well as the area. This is done so that the property can be easily identified landowners and adjoining owners.

Timeline: 5 minutes
Hunter Water Service Location Plan
Shows the location of the private house sewer service line.
Timeline: 5 minutes
Dealings Report
A dealing is a document that affects the land and needs to be registered on the title – such as mortgages, discharges of mortgage, transfers of ownership and caveats.
Timeline: 5 minutes
Section 10.7 (2) Planning Certificate
Contains information on zoning, state and regional policies along with development control plans also may include road widening and heritage areas.
Timeline: 5 minutes
IntelliVal Automated Valuation
It is a comprehensive report that shows current and historical data about properties to assist with calculating the value of a property.
Timeline: 5 minutes
Environmental Reports by Lotsearch
Lotsearch to provide you with a range of environmental reports to help you understand and identify any risks to a site or property.
Timeline: 5 minutes
QLD Property Ownership Search by Name
It’s important to know that a property owner is listed on the properties land title, also referred to as a Title Deed, Land Title or a Title Certificate. A land title is an official record of that property and its owner, among other information.
Timeline: 5 minutes
QLD Transport Noise Corridor Search
Identifies if the property is located in a designated transport noise corridor. Note: for unregistered properties, maps will be provided on a neighboring established parcel of land. If the search is unable to be completed on the Lot and Plan provided the search may be processed on the parent details.
Timeline: 1 business day
QLD Dial Before You Dig Search – NOT incl. Telstra

Dial Before You Dig is the national referral service for information on underground infrastructure.

Please note Telstra searches are not included in this request.

Timeline: 10 business days
QLD FloodWise Property Report
The FloodWise Property Report provides property or lot-based flood information for building and development requirements. This report provides information on estimated flood levels, habitable floor level requirements and more technical information on the four sources of flooding: river, creek / waterway, storm tide and overland flow.
Timeline: 5 business days
QLD Powerlink: Property Search

Shows if Powerlink Queensland has an interest in or within 500 meters of a property, or if Powerlink Queensland is investigating a new route which may affect the property. Plan details are required for the search.

Please note, no refunds are available from Powerlink.

Timeline: 3 business days
QLD Fire Safety Report: Per Building
This report helps assess the fire safety compliance of a property and identify any outstanding issues that need to be addressed. Obtain the QLD Fire Safety Report to ensure the safety and compliance of your property.
Timeline: 15 business days
ASIC Company Extract
An ASIC Company Extract is designed to help you verify the legitimacy of an entity by providing details about a company and is good for companies looking to make low-risk decisions. the ASIC Company Extract generally includes current officeholders including company directors and secretaries, registered office addresses and current principal place of business, shareholders, appointments of external auditors, liquidators and administrators, ACN and ABN lookups.
Timeline: 1 business day
ASIC Company Extract Historical
The ASIC Historical Company Extract will include all the details in a Current Company Extract plus any prior details relevant to the type of organisation. Annual returns were abolished on 1 July 2003, however, previously lodged returns will still show on Historical Company Extracts.
Timeline: 1 business day
CreditorWatch Company Credit Report
Contains information on a company’s court actions, payment defaults, mercantile enquiries, credit score and historical document lodgings with ASIC.
Timeline: 1 business day
ASIC Company Latest Three Documents Package
This package contains the latest three documents lodged with ASIC.
Timeline: 1 business day

ASIC Current and Historical Personal Name Extract

A Personal Name extract will contain the person’s name, birth details, organisation name, ABN/ACN number and current status, role(s) held by the person and residential address as well as the date appointed, and date ceased, and where applicable: banned futures representatives, banned securities representative and disqualified directors. This extract contains both current and historical extract reports.
Timeline: 1 business day
ASIC Current Personal Name Extract
A Personal Name extract will contain the person’s name, birth details, organisation name, ABN/ACN number and current status, role(s) held by the person and residential address as well as the date appointed, and date ceased, and where applicable: banned futures representatives, banned securities representative and disqualified directors. This extract contains only current extract reports.
Timeline: 1 business day
Criminal History Check

A Criminal History Check (also called a Criminal Police Check) contains a summary of a person’s history information in Australia. This includes all findings of guilt unless spent. Whether a finding is spent will depend on state and federal legislation, but generally, a spent finding is a criminal offence older than 5 years if convicted as a child, or an offence older than 10 years in any other case.

Timeline:1 hour*
Criminal History Check – Volunteer

A Criminal History Check for a volunteer is essentially the same as a Criminal History Check, but at a discounted rate.

Timeline:1 hour*
*The NPCS completes around 70% of police checks within minutes, providing a result back to the submitting agency. The remaining 30% of checks are referred to one or more police agencies for manual processing. Further to this, the NPCS aims to complete 95% of checks within 15 business days from the date they are submitted.

Motor Vehicle History Search

A vehicle check contains information regarding the car’s finance history, whether it has been written-off or stolen, as well as its current registration status. 

Timeline: 1 hour