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What is a Deposited Plan?

A Deposited Plan refers to the image returned from the state authority, providing information about the size, shape, physical site features and unseen boundaries of a property on the date it was registered. 

As a document supporting primary applications, it records subdivision, description of markers, easements and resumptions or restrictions on the land.

Just take note that DPs 750000 to 759999 do not have a paper image available. This series relates to Crown Portions and Town Allotments, in which a Crown Plan would be required.

When do you need a Deposited Plan?

You can use a deposited plan when buying, selling or renovating a house. It will also prove valuable if you are dealing with disputes on property boundaries.

How can you get a Deposited Plan?

Deposited plans are easily identified by a ‘DP’ number – for example: DP 825310. 

At InfoTrackGO, we give you easy access to the deposited plan you require in New South Wales by simply providing us with the registered address of the property.

We make sure the document you’re after is just one quick search away to save you from all the hassle and stress!

Where do we get access to Deposited Plans?

A deposited plan is generally developed by a registered surveyor. Our team at InfoTrackGO delivers land titles and different property documents like deposited plans from all these authorised Australian land registries. This way, you can be confident that our quick searches and instant results are responsibly and accurately sourced only from reputable sources. 

Deposited Plan FAQs

A deposited plan is a document that outlines the legal boundaries of the land that were defined on the date it was registered.

Deposited plans provide information regarding the legal boundaries of a property, details any subdivisions, easements, resumptions or restrictions on the land. It will outline the shape, measurements, and physical features of the site.

A deposited plan won’t provide you with the plans of any buildings that are located on the property/properties.

Properties on deposited plans are identified using the property’s lot number, not the street address number. Some deposited plans can also be quite old, so some street names/features surrounding the property may not be accurate to the modern day.

If you believe that you have received the wrong plan for your property, you can either contact our support team or the relevant government authority.

Deposited plans are not specific to any one property. Each property is typically a single lot in a larger deposited plan. While some deposited plans may have individual documents for specific lots, others will have one plan image that encompasses a larger area that contains the entire deposited plan.