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What is a Sewer Diagram?

A sewer diagram displays a property’s private wastewater pipes.

It also shows all private plumbing work approved by NSW Fair Trading. So, if there is plumbing in the house that is not shown on the diagram, this means it may not have been inspected yet. 

When do you need a Sewer Diagram?

Whether you are a selling agent, a conveyancer or a property owner, a sewer diagram can help you check if plumbing work on a property has been inspected or if there are other private pipes crossing a property. Older diagrams may also show the point of connection to the Sydney Water wastewater system, easements over the land and other information for plumbers. With a sewer diagram, you can examine the following:
  • Flood level
  • Statute of limitations
  • A-B concrete encased
  • Sewer in tunnel
  • BOS Satisfactory

How can you get a Sewer Diagram?

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Where do we get access to Sewer Diagrams?

Sydney Water and Hunter Water

At InfoTrackGO, we coordinate with Sydney Water and Hunter Water to provide the information you need. As a statutory state-owned corporation of New South Wales , Sydney Water delivers safe drinking water to the populations of Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra. It is also committed to safeguarding the health of our rivers and beaches.

Hunter Water is also a state-owned corporation that provides drinking water, wastewater, recycled water and some stormwater services to homes and businesses across the Lower Hunter region.

With InfoTrackGO, you can always be confident that our quick searches and instant results are based only on reputable sources! 

Sewer Diagram FAQs

A sewer diagram will show information regarding the plumbing work of the property, while older diagrams will also show the point of connection to the Sydney Water wastewater system, as well as easements over the land and other information specific for plumbers.

Sewer diagrams can also show other features like the flood level, statute of limitations, as well as other features.

Currently, sewer service diagrams are available for selected properties serviced by Sydney Water or Hunter Water.

Sydney water offers a comprehensive guide of how to read your diagram on their website which is accessible here.

Hunter Water has a great knowledge base for all things sewer. It can be accessed here.