Property Search by Owner

Always wanted to know if and if so, how many properties someone has?
Now you can find out with a simple search.
InfoTrackGo currently offers Ownership Searches for NSW and QLD.

How to find out if someone owns property?

It’s important to know that a property owner is listed on the properties land title, also referred to as a Title Deed, Land Title or a Title Certificate. A land title is an official record of that property and its owner, among other information.

So, if you know the address of a property and would like to learn who the owner is, you simply look up a title certificate and that will tell you who the owner is. However, if you’re interested in a particular person or company and would like to know if they have any property in their name, that’s when you perform a Property Ownership Search by name.

There are 3 steps to this process:

  • Start the process by typing in the name of the person of interest here

    This will lookup any properties associated with that name.

  • Add the generated report (which is a list of ‘lookups’) to the cart and check out

    This list will email you an overview of addresses.

  • Get the full picture

    Once you have the full list of addresses you can then click on each one to explore and purchase any other reports that may be of interest, such as title searches.

Ownership Search FAQ

A title search is a current copy of the Certificate of Title which shows the current owner, the land description and any dealings associated.
The Title Search includes the current owner of the property, the land description, the restrictions on the use of land, any covenants, easements and other equitable servitudes, any mortgages on title, any caveats that may be registered and the document by which the owner came to be on title.
The title search will advise if the seller has a saleable interest in the property, whether there are any restrictions on the use of the land and if any liens exist on the property which need to be paid off at closing.
  • To ascertain current owners
  • To see if there is a mortgage registered on title
  • To see if any caveats have been registered on title
  • To see if the property is affected by or appurtenant to any easements, restrictions or covenants