Property Search by Owner

Curious about someone’s property portfolio? Available in NSW, QLD, and WA, an Ownership Search with InfoTrackGO provides you instant access to vital property ownership details. 

How to find out if someone owns property?

It’s important to know that a property owner is listed on the properties land title, also referred to as a Title Deed, Land Title or a Title Certificate. A land title is an official record of that property and its owner, among other information.

So, if you know the address of a property and would like to learn who the owner is, you simply look up a title certificate and that will tell you who the owner is. However, if you’re interested in a particular person or company and would like to know if they have any property in their name, that’s when you perform a Property Ownership Search by name.

There are 3 steps to this process:

Start the process by typing in the name of the person of interest here

This will lookup any properties associated with that name.

Add the generated report (which is a list of ‘lookups’) to the cart and check out

This will lookup any properties associated with that name.

Get the full picture

Once you have the full list of addresses you can then click on each one to explore and purchase any other reports that may be of interest, such as title searches.

Your search for a Will starts here

Ownership Search FAQs

A property search by owner name provides a report on what properties a person owns.

The Property Ownership Search would be relevant to you in the following areas:

  • Investigating property ownership by a company
  • Investigating property ownership by an individual of a particular land parcel
  • For bankruptcy matters
  • For debt recovery matters

No. The report will outlines each property that a person owns and will provide the property’s address and/or title reference. We also provide a collated list of the properties under that name for you to purchase reports for.

You can conduct a property search by owner name by visiting this page and follow the instructions.

No, each search can only be conducted in a specific state. Currently, NSW, QLD and WA are available.

If the search returns zero results it means that the person is not recognised by our search-engine.
Please check the name and try again.

If the report has no results it means that the person has no property in their name and has not owned any property to date.