Find out more about a person

Conduct searches on individuals to reveal their business legitimacy, what property they own, or if they have a criminal record

Director Search Reports

Perform thorough searches of a business owner, director, stakeholder, or client to provide you with all the necessary details for making informed decisions before working together.

Property Search by Owner

Find out if, and if so, how many properties a person or company owns. InfoTrackGO currently offers Ownership Searches for NSW, QLD and WA.

Police Check

Conduct a police check on a potential new staff member, or in preparation for you starting a new job. Most police checks conducted via InfoTrackGO are completed within 1 hour of ordering.

Person Search FAQ

An ASIC & AFSA Personal Search (also called Director’s Search) provides you with instant access to a person’s current and historical directorships, shareholdings, disqualifications and even records of bankruptcies, so you can easily cross-check their identity and backgrounds. The report is important for anyone looking to make low-risk decisions with businesses and directors. 

An ASIC & AFSA personal search contains information regarding any current and historical directorships the individual has held, as well as any shareholdings, disqualifications, and bankruptcies in their name. 

To conduct a person search, enter the name of the person you wish to conduct a search on into the search bar of this page [LINK] and click ‘Search’. You will be redirected to a list of people whose name match the one provided. This list can be filtered down further by clicking the ‘Filter’ button at the top of the search results.

No, InfoTrackGO does not provide any identity verification services, but InfoTrackID does. You can find out more here